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Reading Backwards – The Gospels and the Old Testament – Sean Goan (S22-24)


Places available!

Tutor: Sean Goan

Fridays: 10.30-12.00 noon

Dates: 25th March – 13th May 2022

Cost: €70 (6 weeks)

Module Ref: S22-24

Mid Term: The Centre will be closed for mid-term break Monday 21 February – Friday 25 February 2022, for the St Patrick’s Day weekend 17/18 March and for an Easter break 11-22 April.

Places available!

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Module Description

While the Gospel of Luke was written in a time and a place very different from our own, this remarkable telling of the Christ event still speaks in a most dramatic way to those seeking to understand the person of Jesus. In this module we will take a literary theological approach to reading the gospel in order to appreciate the how the evangelist interpreted Jesus for his readers. We will come to see how this story which is full of hope and joy still challenges us to become authentic disciples of the risen Christ.

Sean Goan, BA, BD, LSS is a Scripture scholar and retired teacher who has been involved in adult faith development for many years. He has also written commentaries on the Sunday readings and published The Sign: Reading the Gospel of John (2018).

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