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Let’s Talk Synod – John Scally (A21-19)


Places available!

Tutor: John Scally

Thursdays: 7.00-8.15pm

Dates: 4th November – 9th December 2021

Cost: €70 (6 weeks)

Module Ref: A21-19

Mid Term: The Centre will be closed for mid-term break 25-29 October.

Places available!

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Module Description

It is good to talk. In an effort to give new energy to the Church, a Synod will be held to map out its future. What Church do we want to be as we face the challenges ahead of us? How best can we be salt in the world? How can the Church respond to the signs of the times? This module begins the conversation. It will feature such leading speakers as Archbishop Eamon Martin and Johanna Rahner (University of Tübingen). It is guaranteed to raise fascinating and challenging questions.

John Scally: PhD, lectures in Theology in TCD and was a secondary school teacher for 20 years. He is the author of over 40 books. His most recent book is ‘Inspiration for all Seasons: Celtic Wisdom for Today’.

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