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“I haven’t a clue!” – Seán Goan (S22-29)


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Tutor: Seán Goan

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Format: (4 pre-recorded talks, available when you register)

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Module Description

The aim of this short on-line course is to introduce the Bible to people who have little or no knowledge of this remarkable book. Our intention is to address four basic questions in four twenty-minute programmes in the hope that we can awaken your interest in reading the Bible for today. The programmes are: 1) Where did the Bible come from? 2) How long did it take to write? 3) Who wrote it? 4) Why do we call it the word of God?

Seán Goan: BA, BD, LSS is a Scripture scholar and retired teacher who has been involved in adult faith development for many years. He has also written commentaries on the Sunday readings and published The Sign: Reading the Gospel of John (2018).

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