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Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary – Joe Duffy (S22-32)


Places available!

Chaired by John Scally

Guest/Guests: Joe Duffy

Thursday: 7.00-8.30pm

Dates: 28th April 2022

Cost: €15 (1 event)

Module Ref: S22-32


Places available!

Module Description

How can we speak about faith today in a secular age? Can religion be a valuable resource for the public sphere, a partner of reason, and a repository of wisdom that can be “translated” into secular truths? This module considers such questions with the assistance of people who have unique experience in this area such as RTÉ presenter Joe Duffy and Philip Mulryne, the former Manchester United footballer who is now a Dominican friar. The module is intended for those who feel the need for new answers to old questions. 

Joe Duffy is a RTÉ personality and best known as the presenter of “Liveline” and “The Meaning of Life”. He is author of bestselling books.

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