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‘Acts: Coping with Crisis’ – Kieran O’Mahony OSA (A21-28)


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Tutor: Kieran O’Mahony OSA

Cost: €40

Format: (4 pre-recorded talks and 1 online seminar)

Online Seminar: Wed 1 Dec 2021 from 7.30-8.30pm

Mid Term: The Centre will be closed for mid-term break 25-29 October.

Sold Out

Module Description

The focus will be on two stories in the Acts: the long account of the conversion of Cornelius (Acts 10:1-11:18) and the so-called Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15:1-41; to be read in conjunction with Galatians). The crisis centred on how much of the past to hold on to in light of the Easter and Pentecost events. For us today, Acts 15 is highly instructive: reading the signs of the times, attending to the work of the Spirit, searching the Scriptures, taking account of the Christ event and, finally, compromising. A road map for a synod. 

Kieran O’Mahony OSA: is an Augustinian friar and a biblical scholar, with particular interest in the letters of St Paul and the Gospel according to John. He taught for many years in the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy (Dublin). Currently, he is publishing a 9-volume series called “Hearers of the Word” on the readings for Advent, Lent and Eastertide. With Jessie Rogers and Seán Goan he is on the team of the newly formed Tarsus Scripture School. For more information visit www.tarsus.ie.

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