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09. Divided Cities

Dorrie Balfe OP

Dorrie worked in education in South Africa and in Pastoral Theology at All Hallows College. Main teaching subjects: Creation Theology, Biblical Studies and Feminist Theology.

Sabine Schratz, OP

Dr. theol. (University of Münster), MA Medieval and Modern History, is director of Lumen. She has published in the fields of Church History and liturgical praxis and taught in third-level and adult education.

Duncan Morrow

DUNCAN MORROW: is Professor at Ulster University Belfast.

He lectures in politics and has published widely in the fields of conflict resolution, Northern Ireland politics and the relationship between religion and politics.


5 March–9 April 7.15-8.45pm

Dorrie Balfe OP, Duncan Morrow, Sabine Schratz OP and others

Cities are places with the greatest diversity in the tightest of space. What makes them attractive is also their Achilles’ heel. We will look at how cultural, socio-economic, political, ethnic and religious difference can lead to conflict and how this might be resolved.

Examples will include Belfast, Berlin, Jerusalem, Mostar, Port Elizabeth and Rio de Janeiro. €65 (6 weeks)

Price: EUR65.00

Start Time: 7:15 pm
End Time: 8:45 pm

Start Date: 05/03/2019
End Date: 09/04/2019

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